Remote Onboarding Welcome Page Template

Onboarding a new employee can be challenging, but onboarding a new employee remotely or several employees from multiple countries is even more difficult.

  • Do your new employees feel isolated?
  • Did the duration of new joiner adaptation increase?
  • It is more difficult to provide assistance and support your employees remotely
  • Do your new employees ask much more questions or on the other hand, do not ask any questions?

When a new person comes to the company, it is important to provide complete information about the company culture, objectives, team, processes, tools, and data. At the same time, you do not want your new employees to feel overwhelmed and isolated and leave your company after 1 month. We wrote about it in our article 7 Steps for the remote onboarding in the international team

We have prepared this Remote Onboarding Welcome Page Template so you can implement this approach in your team.

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