Focus on the most qualified candidates

Enhance your screening process with video  to see which job seekers are a good fit, without screening calls

Save Time Hiring


Do you remember those interviews, when after 5 minutes you understand that the candidate experience does not connect to the position? 

As a result you often end up devoting productive hours on interviewing unqualified candidates. 

Vision-CV has a solution for it

No, It's Not Like Zoom or Skype


Prepare questions in a text or even video form, adjust the time for reply, and let the system run the interview automatically for you, whenever it is comfortable for a candidate.

 Candidates have real interview experience and have to answer the question as soon as it appears on the screen. Evaluate replies together with your team anytime anywhere. 

Adjust time limit for reply
Video pre-screening
Candidates has time to read and reply

Boost Candidate Experience


Applicants can record their real-time video answers at any time and place comfortable for them. There is no need to schedule a call between the hiring manager and a candidate. 

Focus on Comminucation not routine


Optimize Your Process

Save the company budget and standardize the selection process

Focus on Motivated Candidates

Avoid candidates that only “research the jobs market” and are not interested in working at your organization

See the Personality behind CV

Video interview on-demands lets candidates stand out

Close recruitment faster

Shorten the recruitent cycle, hire faster and don’t lose quality candidates

Features You'll Love


🎥Add Video Questions

Save candidate time, add human touch by swapping the text questions with video

✔️Evaluate and Comment

Your team can watch responses at a convenient time, make a decision about the need for the further steps

📝Add tasks

Include tasks into your selection process, set a time for a task to be accomplished and send it to candidates

👀Check Timelime

Be aware when the invitation has been sent to the candates and when the reply was sent

😀Invite Candidates

Send invitations to your candidates directly in the system or publish the application link on the external job boards

Automate your Feedback

Send automated replies/feedback to candidates regarding their recruitment status

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