Top 6 motivational books for new employees

It can be a good idea to create a small library in your office. If you have new employees who are just starting their career in your company and need some support in order to adapt to working environments, you can always have these books on your shelves. Here are presented several motivation books for employees, which you and your team might find interesting. ...

Employer Branding: Top 8 Career Pages

Career webpages should express not only how unique your company is, but also refer to the type of candidate you hope to attract.

It is a good practice to share on your career page information about the company, recruitment process, team, company culture. This could be one of the main arguments for candidates when choosing a job.


Three new ways for candidates search

Here we would like to present the list of 3 platforms which can change the way you search for candidates.

It is crucial to move out of the box when you are searching for candidates. It’s not easy, but sometimes you have to experiment a little bit.