Automated Video Interview

Save productive hours using video pre-screening tool. Get to know your candidates with video answers, not dry resumes.

Recruit in 3 simple steps

1️ Add questions and tasks

2️ Candidates record their answers

3️ Watch and invite the best candidates

candidate question

List the questions and set the preparation and reply time limit for each one

how do you stay organised

Applicants can record their video answers at any time and place comfortable for them. 

save watch and invite 2

Watch video answers at any time and place, collaborate with hiring managers, and decide whom you would like to meet

How many times did you have such interviews, when after the first 5 minutes you understand that the candidate’s qualifications do not correspond to the job position?

As a result, you often end up devoting productive hours to interviewing unqualified candidates. 

Is this You?

Tired of checking countless CVs, which are so old school and bring only limited information about applicants

Losing your productive time to the initial pre-selection of candidates and not moving forward

Losing your voice and time repeating the same information during the preselection calls with all candidates

Struggling with calls scheduling with candidates and losing the best of them due to the time-consuming process

What if you could recruit faster and cut the hiring costs?

Save your time and reduce company costs associated with the recruitment process and unsuccesfull interviews

Screen and review candidates' responses at your convenience without scheduling problems

Say goodbuy to the time-consuming processes and hello to the better candidate experience

Get valuable insights about candidates, their motivation and language skills before you invite them to the interview

Focus on the most qualified candidates

Focus on Motivated Candidates

Make better and faster hiring decisions

Optimize Your Process

Save the company budget and standardize the selection process

See the Personality behind the CV

Get a quick look at your candidates before the meeting

Save time and money

Shorten the recruitment cycle, hire faster and don’t lose quality candidates

Personalize the candidate experience

Create a job offer and encourage candidates to apply. Stand out among other employers, by making a good first impression with a Welcome Video.

Tell about the job, compay and future workplace.

    Your easy and consistent selection process

    Save 20 min per candidate during initial screening. Do not spend productive hours conducting phone interviews.

    The system allows you to adjust the time for a candidate to read and answer questions and tasks

    Generate the application link and place it in the open job description or on the career portals

    Send invitations to candidates using Vision-CV system

    Flexibility and freedom for your candidates

    No need to have screening calls during working hours. Candidates answer the questions and tasks at time and place comfortable for them

    It is a two-way interview. Candidates can watch a video from the employer. Introduce yourself as a manager, and share the information about the company and job responsibilities.

    Let your candidates stand out using Vision-CV and make a good first impression.

    Video pre-screening

    Discover the most qualified candidates faster

    Send automated status updates to your candidates from Vision-CV.

    Watch video replies, verify tasks and arrange meetings with the best candidates

    Watch and assess Candidates’ answers anytime and anywhere, share it with other team members involved into the recruitment process

    Features You will ❤️

    🎥 Add Video Questions

    Save candidate time, add human touch by swapping the text questions with video

    ✔️ Evaluate and Comment

    Your team can watch responses at a convenient time, make a decision about the need for the further steps

    📝 Add tasks

    Include tasks into your selection process, set a time for a task to be accomplished and send it to candidates

    👀Check Timelime

    Be aware when the invitation has been sent to the candates and when the reply was sent

    😀 Invite Candidates

    Send invitations to your candidates directly in the system or publish the application link on the external job boards

    ✉️ Automate your Feedback

    Send automated replies/feedback to candidates regarding their recruitment status

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Vision-CV is different from Skype, Google Meet or Teams?

    The difference is that you do not need to be present on the call together at the same time. 

    👉 Prepare questions in a text or even video form, adjust the time for reply, and let the system run the interview automatically for you, whenever it is comfortable for a candidate.

    👉 Candidates have real interview experience and have to answer the question as soon as it appears on the screen.

    👉 Evaluate replies together with your team anytime anywhere. 

    For example, if a candidate works in a different company or study, they can record their responses in the evening.

    Is Vision-CV a substitute for regular interviews?

    Vision-CV is not a replacement for the actual interview.

    Our mission is to help candidates and hiring managers to make the recruitment process faster and easier, saving time for both parties.

    Candidates do not need to take a day off or schedule an interview during actual working hours. Recruiters can select applicants more efficiently and quickly and invite them to the next stage of the selection process.

    How does it work?

    Applicants can record their real-time video answers at any time and place comfortable for them. There is no need to schedule a call between the hiring manager and a candidate.

    You can create a job offer directly in Vision-CV, add key questions, and set the response time (for example, 1 minute to read and no more than 2 minutes to answer).
    Send an invitation to the candidates who record video responses on the first attempt.
    Then watch the video and invite the best candidates for an interview (in the office/in Zoom/Skype etc.).
    This saves time for the company: the profiles of 20 candidates can be checked in 1.5-2 hours, and a 30-minute conversation with each of them would take 10 hours.

    What are the benefits of Vision-CV for companies?
    • ✅ No more problems with finding the time slot suitable for both the candidate and a recruiter
      ✅ Recruiters and hiring managers can watch the same video replies and rewatch it if needed
      ✅ Save time and narrow down the candidates’ pool and invite only the best of them to the face-to-face meeting or call
      ✅ Save the company budget, standardize the selection process, and keep the quality of the recruitment process
      ✅ Decrease the number of initial screening phone calls
      ✅ Make the recruitment process shorter
      ✅ Easy recruitment for candidates who are located in different time zones, without incurring unnecessary costs and problems with making an appointment for a specific date, suitable for all interested parties
      ✅ Improve employer branding by sharing with applicants videos of  their future working place, team, and job description
    What are the benefits of Vision-CV for candidates?
    • ☑️ Works perfectly if candidates are located in different time zones
      ☑️ Helps to save time
      ☑️ No need to have screening calls during working hours. Candidates answer the questions and tasks at a time and place convenient for them
      ☑️ CVs do not always show the personality behind it
      ☑️ Helps to connect two super busy sides: the candidate and the hiring manager
      ☑️ Candidates receive status updates during the recruitment process
    Do candidates need to create an account?

    No, candidates do not need to create an account to proceed with the video interview process. 🙂

    If you have  emails to your candidates you can automatically invite them to the process by sending mass invitations


    You can share a link, or post it on the job board, or social media, so applicants will apply directly.

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