Attract and Select Talents with Video Interview

Save productive hours using video pre-screening tool. Get to know your candidates with video answers, not dry resumes.

Recruit in a few steps

#1 Tell about your organization

Video pre-screening

#2 Add questions and tasks

Video pre-screening

#2 Candidates record replies at any time

Video pre-screening

#3 Watch and invite the best of them

Get personal with video

Job Intro Page


Stand out among employers. Make a good first impression with Introduction Video

Hiring Videos

Present the Candidates with the company’s missions, future workplace and colleagues

Application Link

Generate the application link and place it in the open job description on career portals

    Video pre-screening

    Add Questions and Tasks

    Save time


    Save 20 min per candidate during initial screening. Do not spend productive hours conducting phone interviews.

    Add or record video questions

    The system allows you to adjust the time for a candidate to read and answer questions and tasks

    Spontaneous Video Replies []

    Candidates record video replies at any time on our platform. 

    The applicants hear all questions for the first time, there is a limited time to reply without the option to pause the question.

    Watch Video Replies

    Meet personality behind every CV

    Let your candidates stand out and watch a pre-recorded Video Interview

    Pre-recorded Video Replies []

    Watch video replies, verify tasks and arrange meetings with the best candidates

    Verification at any time

    Wach and assess Candidates’ answers anytime and anywhere, share it with other team members involved into the recruitment process

    Video pre-screening

    Job Application


    No need to have screening calls during working hours. Candidates answer the questions and tasks at time and place comfortable for them

    Information about the job position 

    It is a two way interview. Candidates can watch a videos from the employer. Introduce yourself as a manager, share the information about company and job responsibilities.

    Automated feedback during the recruitment process

    Our system will share feedback with your candidates regarding their status automatically. 

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    Common Questions

    What are the benefits of Video Interview on Demand?

    Vision-CV [] technology helps to :

    • Accelerate the recruitment process
    • Reduce the amount of telephone and personal recruitment interviews
    • Make the recruitment process shorter
    • Easy recruitment for candidates who are located in different time zones, without incurring unnecessary costs and problems with making an appointment for a specific date, suitable for all interested parties
    • Share Employer Video with candidates, tell about the company, your team, and build the connection

      How Vision-CV is it different from Skype, Google Meet or Teams?

      Vision-CV [] allows you to narrow down the pool of candidates much faster.

      Candidates can record real-time video responses at any time and place convenient for them. There is no need to plan a conversation between the Recruiter and Candidates

      For example, if most candidates work in a different company or study, they can record their responses in the evening.

      • Candidates do not need to be online at the meeting with company representatives
      • After the video interview, the recruiters will see and check the answers
      • No need to arrange initial phone calls

      What does the candidate's "spontaneous video replies" mean?


      • You can add questions and tasks for Candidates in text or video form
      • The system allows you to set the response time to questions and tasks


      • Candidates receive the invitation and information about the process.
      • Candidates see each question for the first time. For each question, there is dedicated time to read and reply.
      • Once started the process, Candidates can not pause the question so that the answers are as spontaneous as possible.
      • Candidates can take short breaks between questions

      Does the employer always have to add a Hiring video for applicants?

      It is possible to add an Employer Video, but it is not required.

      However, we encourage you to add videos and descriptions to attract the attention of candidates, build trust and encourage participation in the recruitment.

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